PayZel Launches Cannabis Marketplace For Licensed Cannabis Businesses Across The United States

SAN DIEGO, December 10, 2019 ( – California-based PayZel announced today that it will be launching its cannabis financial marketplace at MJBizCon this week in Las Vegas, NV. The company’s first $76 million opportunity provided a gateway for licensed cannabis institutions to safely and securely bank their cash. 

For the first time ever, licensed and compliant cannabis companies now have direct access to financial institutions, while also having the ability to secure legitimate funding to grow their operations.

In today’s current climate, cannabis companies are forced to hold and carry
tremendous amounts of cash because they simply don’t have access to traditional banking services. In addition, investors are not able to physically invest in cannabis businesses due to the lack of infrastructural support for the industry. These are just a few of the reasons why the PayZel platform was created.

PayZel is the solution, allowing licensed cannabis and hemp businesses to access a financial marketplace for legitimate banking with financial institutions across the United States. The platform also provides opportunities for businesses to secure loans, mortgages, and anything else that can help them grow their operations. PayZel is here to serve the cannabis industry.

“In the beginning, cannabis banking was only for high-revenue cannabis businesses because banks could justify the larger expense to monitor and process all transactions. Nowadays, banks are accepting smaller businesses, and the pace of adoption has radically increased. These new loan services bring an entirely new dynamic to the cannabis industry, and we’re proud to lead the charge with the largest collection of financial options. Now cannabis and hemp organizations can apply directly for banking and/or traditional land loans.” – Todd Kleperis, Payzel CEO.

PayZel is radically changing financing within the cannabis industry. This means no more delays with cash-only transactions and no longer limiting consumers to cash transactions only. By using Artificial Intelligence and a system of trusted banks, PayZel is breaking barriers in financial transactions within the world of cannabusiness. Come join PayZel – the future of cannabis business finance.

For more information about PayZel, email or call 1-844-720-9358.

About PayZel

Payzel is a cannabis marketplace for trusted businesses, offering services like merchant processing, loans, mortgages and compliant banking with legitimate financial institutions banking cannabis money. Created to support and empower small businesses, Payzel is 100% committed to serving its customers with the smartest financing solutions and world-class service.

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