Risk assessment technology

A new borrowing experience with AI-powered PayZel technology.

The most innovative and reliable way of assessing an individual credit risk using Voice Only Technology!

How It Works...

A person just needs to speak between 1-3 minutes, in any language, about anything at all. With this recording we will be able to accurately assess not only this person’s default probability, but characteristics such as emotional stability & level of burnout, which are highly predictive of a person’s repayment capability and willingness. 



If you have ambitions, we are happy to help you achieve them!



Talk about anything, in any language for 1-3 minutes.



Get funding that is tailored to fit your borrowing needs.

Our technology helps us optimize our lending models for maximum accuracy and fairness, ensuring we do right by the people we serve. SIMPLE AND EASY!

Uncomplicated business borrowing without any strange conditions, terms, or fine print.

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Choose a risk assessment type using your voice:
Upload a Pre-Recorded Audio File or Real-Time Voice.

*Steps for uploading pre-recorded voice:

  1. Please upload a voice sample explaining why you need a loan.
    (required: file size <32Mb, format: WAV, structure: one person speaking clearly in any language)
  1. Select a voice file from your computer and click “Upload”.
  2. Wait until the results of voice assessment are displayed.
real-time voice recorder
*Steps for real-time voice:
  1. Push the button (like when you want to record a voice message on WhatsApp) and start talking for a minimum of 1min* and maximum of 3min telling us why you need a loan.
  2. Push the button again when you are done speaking.
  3. Wait until the results of voice assessment are displayed.

Please make sure: a) there is no background noise. b) your microphone/headphone works well. c) do not stay silent – speak throughout the duration of 1-3 minutes.

* The data collected in order to use our risk assessment technology; in either formats of data collection to our use of collected data from third party data services, the transmission of such data is encrypted using TLS encryption and all data cached is deleted and is not stored by PayZel for any longer than necessary for financial assessment purposes. We do not share this data outside of this service.

We collect personal information so we can provide services for you. Please see our Privacy Policy for details. 

real-time voice recorder